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The SS Tutshi was built by the British Yukon Navigation Company in 1917 at Carcross and was pulled out of service in 1955. The Yukon Government purchased the SS Tutshi in 1971 and began an ambitious restoration project that was nearing its end when the boat tragically caught fire in July 1990.

The Tutshi project brought pride of place to Carcross residents as local artisans were trained in historic restoration techniques. The community reflected on the busy days of the White Pass & Yukon Route (WP&YR) fleet and looked forward to a healthy tourism industry with the Tutshi as the main attraction.

The vessel was opened to tours in 1988 with ongoing restoration work publicly accessible as it was to become part of the steamer's history. It was a devastating blow to the community and the vessel's owner when it burned before the fire suppression system could be installed.

This multi-use interpretation memorial and community space is dedicated to the SS Tutshi and its role in the area's tourism industry.